PTS Medicals – FAQs

Q) What is a Smartcard?

When you embark on your chosen rail career, you will be issued with a smartcard, which links you to your account on the NetworkRail online database – which is known as Sentinel – which holds details of the holders’ PTS Medical, Drug & Alcohol status and any training courses that have been successfully completed.

Q) What does the PTS Medical and Drug and Alcohol Test provide you with?

Competencies attained can include:

  • Medical Certificate (usually lasts 10 years, but dependent on age)
  • Drug & Alcohol Results
  • PTS (AC or DCCR) (expiry 2 years)
  • PICOP, COSS, IWA or others…

Q) Who can deliver PTS Medicals?

The medical assessment for these certificates must be undertaken by an accredited medical provider, such as ARC Medical. In the case of PTS this is authorised by “RISQS” under the authority of NetworkRail.

The Basic PTS Medical

The Basic PTS Medical assessment for NetworkRail involves the following medical modalities and components.

  • Medical questionnaire.
  • Medical questionnaire.
  • Height and Weight
  • B.M.I.
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse
  • Blood Glucose Level
  • General Health
  • Mobility
  • Vision testing
  • Colour Testing
  • Hearing Test

What do I need to bring?

  • Valid Sentinel Card (or your Sentinel Number)
  • Photo identification ie Passport or Photocard Driving Licence or Valid Sentinel Card
  • Proof of National Insurance Number ie National Insurance Card or Pay Slip
  • List of any prescribed (or over the counter) medicines/drugs taken within the last 14 days
  • Glasses if normally worn

*Please note if any of the above are not available on the day of the appointment, the medical will not be carried out. Another appointment will be required and the fee will still apply.

Persons with minor medical conditions (e.g. Wears Glasses or Colour Blind) may still be issued a PTS – though the Sentinel Card will have an indicator to inform the Controller of Site Safety (COSS) to that person’s ailment.

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