More and more main contractors are now requiring workers to undertake Safety Critical Medicals before they are allowing them on site to work. We are fully accredited to deliver these medicals.

“Safety Critical Worker” is defined as:

“Where the ill health of an individual may compromise their ability to undertake a task defined as safety critical, thereby posing a significant risk to the health and safety of others.”

It is important that safety-critical workers are not suffering from medical conditions or undergoing any medical treatment which is likely to cause sudden loss of consciousness or incapacity, impairment of awareness, concentration, balance or coordination or significant limitation of mobility. A medical, such as a fitness-for-task health check, as identified in the National Industry Standards for Occupational Health, would go a long way towards ensuring these legal requirements are met.

Safety Critical Medicals are required for the following occupations among others:

  • FLT Driver
  • Driver/MHO Equipment Operator
  • Plant Operator
  • Scaffolder/Rigger
  • Roadside (High Speed) Worker
  • Tunnelling Worker
  • Slinger/Signaller/Banksman/Traffic Marshall
  • Confined Space
  • Working at Heights

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Safety Critical Medicals consist of the following:

  • A baseline Safety Critical Worker health questionnaire to establish any current or previous medical/psychological health history
  • FLT Driver Clinical tests in accordance with Guidelines
  • Specialised tests if working at heights & confined spaces
  • Drug and Alcohol testing (if required)

Our qualified Occupational Health Adviser will assess an individual and the work they will be doing. The assessment will include physical and mental capabilities, existing and past health conditions including medication and previous employment risks. Our Adviser will provide the employer with a report.

The report will typically report one of the three outcomes back to the employer:

  • 1 – Fit for work
  • 2 – Unfit for work
  • 3 – Fit with restrictions